Open source conference Japan

Today I went to the Open source conference Japan, luckily it was held literally 7 mins from my office!
10:00-11:00 : 10:00〜 D1-B2FA-1 : The Future of the Web
11:15-12:00 : D1-6FA-2 : Linux/OSSの最新技術動向とLPICによるスキルアップとは
13:00-13:45 : D1-B2FA-3 : 世界で今一番ホットなオープンソースアプリケーションサーバ : GlassFish
14:00-14:45 : D1-B2FB-4 : Xenのクラスタってどうするのさ!?
15:15-16:00 : D1-B2FA-5 : OSSを活用したWeb2.0ソリューションのご紹介
16:15-17:00 : D1-B2FA-6 : 楽天株式会社におけるOSS活用の現状と今後の展開について(サード・リアリティ時代に向けて)
Considering the size of Japan I was expecting more people, however it is Friday. Maybe there will be more people there at tomorrows session. The highlight? Seeing how other companies had solved real time solutions with OSS for example Rakuten. I have done this with no external input so it was good to see other ways of solving similar problems.