Coming down with a cold

Got up a little late this morning, can't seem to get a good sleep
lately. I think I am coming down with a cold just as winter ends too!
Cannot wait for cherry blossom time, that's my favorite time in Japan.
Anyway today I will order a new machine for cuda development, so not
such a stressful day.
Usually, I only get to go home a few nights a week, staying at a
capsule hotel or having a sento and staying back at the office.
However because I want to kick this coming cold I went home via
sardine can early - see attached pic. Oh and that is not the busiest
it gets. The worst is when once or twice a week someone decides he/she
cant hack the stress, and jumps under a train. Then the train is delayed, so the thousands are backed up on the platform waiting for the staff to clean up the mess.