Land of the rising fun

Yesterday I attended the 2008 Tokyo animation fair. Anyway it was a blast. Lots of cutsie stuff there.
Both yesterday and today are the business days. Saturday and Sunday it is open to the public. Sort of funny hey - cartoon characters everywhere and not a kid in sight. Hey this is serious stuff here, land of the rising fun.
I will be attending today, to see Atsushi Sato and Armin Brunderland ( from Sony Pictures Imageworks) talk. If you are attending mail me if you want to meet up. If you get the chance, you have to check out these booths:
Digital laboratories - R&D, great things you may see in the future developed here in Japan.
Canada - like japan is animation nuts, good software, wander around to see their demos.
Mad House, just a good booth.

Please note that on the public days lots of good business booths will not be there. Pubic days are more oriented to children and otaku, in other words - goods characters etc.