Onsen with RTT team

This weekend some business associates from RTT and myself went down to Izu for onsen. The first place we stopped was in Inatori at the shop Tokuzoumaru (徳造丸) for lunch.

After which we got into the Odaru onsen (大滝温泉). I have been doing the Tokuzoumaru/Odaru trip for about the last 15 years, however I have been too busy in the last 6 years to go. Aji is wonderful in the Izu area and Tokuzoumaru has always been my favorite. Odaru onsen, is one of the best onsens in Japan for first time onsen goers. Unfortunately compared to a few years prior some things have changed for the worse. The water is not hot enough - hot, but not typical onsen style hot. Also unbelievably the onsen closes at 5pm (7pm in winter) also they have made swimsuits mandatory. However for a first timer this is a good choice mainly because the best things have not changed, the spectacular waterfall view, and the vast array of onsen types - doukotsuburo, goemonburo, rotemburo.

We later ate some local fare in Shimoda, then retired to a cottage nearby. By morning we were up and ready to go, unfortunately Eric had to leave early. Our first stop was Sawada koen rotemburo (沢田公園露天風呂),
luckily this place had not changed a single bit - water temperature, view, skinship or cost. One with with nature appreciating the fantastic view we all had a great time. We then went north west along the coast up to a small fishing village Arari where we found a new fish restaraunt Yokoda (よこ田). Externally this place looked like any locals store. The inside was clean and had a wonderful array of living sea critters just waiting to be eaten. I had the shop specialty (よこ田定食) a dish of the finest still kicking sashimi.
This place is definitely going on my top list, the price and freshness beating Tokuzoumaru. Then heading north up the coast, dropped into a fish market and after
headed home in total awe of the spectacular views of Mount Fuji from Todatokai and Hedako.
One cannot explain the immense beauty of this mountain. Without fail every time I experience Mount Fuji - Fujimi, Skyline, today's viewpoint, or even at a different time of day - a different character is shown. Our German guest Anton was awestruck and we both agreed that if your residence had such a view television was not needed.

It was great to return back to Izu after such a long time, some things change and some don't. These onsens I used to frequent monthly when I was in my mid twenties, and looking at the face of our guest I remember why.