sayonara Ayabe

I was in OLM today we were contemplating some new ways of handling the new object oriented shaders in Pixars Renderman 13.5. and how to interact with ODE, Bullet physics or even better Cuda. Cuda is good however it's not a dynamics engine, it's truly a black box.
After that I went back to the office to contemplate a Cuda<>prman13.5.
Later at 7.30 I had a party with my co-workers from my last company, Monolith. One of the directors there Akira Ayabe is leaving to have for a more serene life in Miyakojima. I was happy and sad at the same time, he is going to have a good time there, however he is one of the reasons I have stayed here. A truly good Japanese director, I hope I can still work with in the future.
See you later Ayabe.
Please don't forget me.