Sidefx dinner

Eventually got through to the people in London, they explained it was Easter. After staying up till morning organizing my Europe team and later organizing people here in Japan - a backup plan. Its now 1830 - time for a shower, then dinner with the boss Ichiro Tanaka, and David Lin from Indyzone, also Sidefx's (Houdini) David Robert and Leyla Tigari. I was going to invite them to one of my favorite Yakitori places in Shibuya. Unfortunately I think the place I planned may have closed down. I did have a standby place marked however that was booked out. Tanaka San knew a better place nearby Kaikaya (開花屋) which was spectacular. The chef was a jolly Japanese man, you can tell he really loves his customers.
The food was amazing, Tanaka San explained that the chef was Iron Chef material. If you ever go there you have to try the cheese tasting prawns - bloody amazing. I mean who cares about calories and cholesterol - flavor is much more important. Belissimo!