Sunday, hanami

It's Sunday, after waking up at Yoshi's place we got straight to work going over the contracts our translator Marie finished during the night. Bloody amazing, she did 10000 words of legal gibberish in 4 days. I was going to outsource some of it, but the rest of the world was at Easter and other companies that I could contact all gave a time frame of more than a week. Not bad for us considering we are not a translation service, I enjoy helping other companies with their globalization plans.
Now she has to do another 20000 in the next 2 days, luckily its pretty much cut and paste, I have faith in her. Now I understand the real meaning of being a good boss, to trust those that are around me.
After the first 10000 was approved and cleaned up Yoshi and our team went for a walk in Asakusabashi to enjoy hanami(花見). It was freezing cold, so we went and had some tempura right next to Kaminarimon.

Hanami, literally means looking at flowers. Specifically it is the appreciation of cherry blossoms. Because the blossoms come and go so quickly it shows us the paradox how the beauty of life is so fleeting. One of the reasons Japanese culture is so grand - life's fragility is celebrated not feared.
After tempura it was just too cold and wet to spend the day outside so we made business plans at Esspressamente in Ginza. After that we all enjoyed a browse at Maruzen book store.

For a finale we ate Chinese, here is a look at the devastation we left behind.

Now its off to home - at long last, I haven't changed my clothes in a few days. I have a little more FujiFilm code to do tonight. Tomorrow I have to get stuck into R&D plans for OLM digital.