What a wonderfull day

Today I was doing some business for a company that wishes to expand in China, later I had 2 meetings, then I went to OLM Digital to enjoy a talk by Sony Pictures Imageworks Armin Brunderlin. After the talk I chatted about the similar work I have done. Allthough my work is tiny compared to his fantastic research, I gained a ton of confidence, just to learn I had solved some problems similar to he had faced. I also met up with Atsushi Sato from SPI, a great guy who has been out of Japan for 15 years. Sort of like meeting a mirror of myself. I am sure
he will go far over in LA. Afterwords the SPI guys, ATR, OLM Digital R&D team, (including OLM's incredibly hip boss) and I all went out to partake in an Italian feast at Il Pizzaiolo . We all had a little too much wine so the atmosphere was fantastic.
Man I love my job, its great to meet people you respect like today. I suppose I am lucky to have such good friends.
Now I have to go back home, contact the London office and organize some paperwork for another company -its daytime somewhere .