A long weekend.

Its Tuesday morning and I was at the office since Friday last week. Last night when I got home I was so out of it I fell asleep on the couch -today my neck is really out.
I was updating our Japanese servers. New projects will be using subversion, so I wanted to use the certificates I have given clients so far for webdav and remote services.
Just before I left last night I gave Hypershot by Bunkspeed a shot - I was asked by Mr. Hyashi from spice. It has a very intuitive interface, nothing fancy just a nice way to render. It reminds me of a very simple tool brought out a long time ago by Pixar called Typestry. To be honest the real-time render interface is great and fast, however the actual render is not as fast and as good as Prman. but for the price it's great.
So far so good.