Subversion quickies

Trick #1 update all lower dirs
I have a little trick from cygwin I go to my build dir (cd /c/olm)
for x in `ls`; do echo cd $x && svn update $x; done
this go into all dirs and updates them
you could just do:
for x in `foo bar foob`; do echo cd $x && svn update $x; done

Trick#2 Copy MS Subversion settings to posix
Oh if you want to use the keys and settings from lets say RapidSvn in cygwin do:
cp -a ~/.subversion/servers ~/.subversion/.servers.orig && cat /c/Documents\ and\ Settings//Application\ Data/Subversion/servers ~/.subversion/servers

Trick#3 add all new files
another trick is to add all my new files in a current dir (is there a better way?)
svn status|grep ? |gawk '{ print $2 }'|xargs.exe svn add