call to the RenderMan® community of Japan

This event is open all, however you must RSVP.
No RSVP means no entry on the day.

Tine: June 28 (Sat) 18:30 - 20:30

Address: Room 7 3-37-1 Hamamacho Nihonbashi Chuo-Ku Tokyo Japan

Phone: 03-6323-9538

Seating: 100 people

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Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Ningyocho Sta A1 exit walk 15min
Tokyo Metro Hanzoumon Line Suitengumae Sta Exit 4 walk 9min
Tokyo Metro Hanzoumon Line Suitengumae Sta Exit 5 walk 10min
Toei Shinjuku Line Hamacho Sta A2 exit walk 5min
City bus「11 Kinshicho Station − Tsukiji Station」Hamacho 2chome stop walk 2min

In an effort to stimulate growth in the Japanese Rendeman user community I am proposing a new community.
the RenderMan® community of Japan.


■The goals I propose are:
To further the use and knowledge of the RenderMan® standard in Japan and for those with an interest of RenderMan® use in Japan.
By RenderMan® I mean the technical specification and not any particular version of RenderMan®, so I mean:
AIR, Aqsis, BMRT, Entropy, Gelato, Pixie, PRman, RenderDotC, 3delight
and pretty much anything that follows the RenderMan® standard. Also covering topics related to RenderMan® and the development around it for it for example:
C, C++, TCL, Python, Liquid, Renderfarms, GL tricks, DSO's, OS, converters, Hardware etc...
As a group our needs will be clearer to vendors of RenderMan®, they gain and we gain.


■The first meeting will be held on Saturday the 28th of June at 18:30.
For more details please RSVP <info(at)>

This will be an outline meeting the following will take place:
①List of the things you would like covered by this group.
②Vote for the leader(s) of this community.
③Outline our mission.
④And ..... meet other geeky people, like yourself.


■The second will be a special meeting in Los Angeles at this years Siggraph.

The meeting will be held on Thursday 14 August at 13:30.
Again for more details please RSVP <info(at)>

The Siggraph meeting will be primarily to involve Japanese RenderMan® users who are abroad and those who wish to use RenderMan® abroad. Also foreigners with an interest in this community are welcome to attend. Of course all community members are invited, so please attend!

※This entirely for non profit, currently paid for
by my own donations. Any corporation may attend,
donate etc., however I would like this to be
vendor/platform/Renderer neutral group. I do not
wish to promote my own or any other business in
this community, this is important so we can all
benefit in a fair manner.

The new web site is in bug testing right now, so expect a lot of changes in the coming weeks.

I will also be having a forum/mailing list so we can try to help out each other with problems that are Japanese specific or time critical.
-within reason of course.
I would also like to have a news area showing how people in Japan use RenderMan®. I would also like a private area for those who wish to work on community code, share images etc..

If possible for those who can help translate, I would like to have the site as multilingual as possible, so others from outside our community can understand the power of our work.

You can contact me regarding interest to join - yes its %100 free at

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