Lost in translation

In all my years of working with Japanese, last night I made the most stupid mistake of all.
You see I pride myself on being impeccably on time, unfortunately yesterday I was a little early. Like exactly 1 week!
Recently, as you can probably tell by my blogs I have been fairly busy with meetings.
Some of my clients like to speak sometimes in English, that's fine as it's usually very rare. I almost made a mistake a few times recently with appointments. The mistaken conversation goes something like the person saying "next Wednesday ok?" I reply something referring to next week. Then the response is "no,no I mean the coming next Wednesday, the day after tomorrow".
I mean these are very typical problems I face every day.
So a couple days ago I had an email from Born Digital to have a small meeting. They asked if I could come "next Thursday", in a hurry I agreed and that was that. I assumed his English was incorrect, unfortunately for me his English was perfect.
The moral of the story, double check -always.
So now I have a policy to add clients to my scheduler, it auto mails them with a date and time confirmation.
Oh, how embarrassed I felt!
Anyway, I gave my apologies and a "see you next week" and went out to dinner with Nexus' Shimamura, all was good.