RTT & Sega

Last night our friend from Sega had a canceled dinner due to a nasty cold so we took out our friends from RTT. Always great to go out with friends.
I love working with old friends, better when we have just a good night out.
Anyway tonight Sega's famous Jun Saito was a little better for health so we showed him what we could, within the limits of our NDA's.
I am sure he understood that our intentions of collecting the best TD guys in Asia was to his best interest. We all went out to dinner chatted geekily etc...
Anyway this guy is one of the best TD's in Japan so he sort of understood my blurb and hopefully we can get some great stuff happening.
After our chat my right hand man Shimamura san and I had a loooong chat. He is no doubt not only my best friend but my largest asset in my business, time with him is well spent.