Haste makes waste!

A good example of why you shouldn't run around like a headless chook.
Last night I stayed back at the office to try and finish the manuals I am writing for the research I am doing, had a quick nap, then realized today was the deadline for paying corporate tax (ransom).
So I had to wait inline behind other people also who left it to the last minuite, yes there was a very long queue of tired looking people with same forms in our hand!
Now if I hadn't been in a rush I would have planned this out so any one of my business colleagues could have helped. But noooo I looked like Mr. silly shatcho (boss) waiting in line.
Anyway got that painful payment done, arrived at the research room late - which I do not need, as the deadline for the manuals are tomorrow!
Not only that, I left my encryption key behind - AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH. That means I could not read ANY data.
I wasted time in a sweaty train for that!
I explained kindly I will have to go back to get my key but I just do not have any time to spare so I worked virtually with Yosuke today.
The good thing is I was determined not to panic, calmed down and actually wrote reams of pages.
Well its midnight and I am halfway through, anyone wan to bet if I will get it done?
The moral is - calm down Bernie!