Movie opening in Tokyo

Early Saturday morning I went to see the public opening of the new Pokemon movie. There is something special about watching the kids reactions, so much different from the creator's preview I viewed few weeks ago.
It was great, the cinema was at capacity filled with kids all trying to hold on for 91 minutes without peeing themselves.
Here is a shot of all the mums and dads waiting inline, (unseen) below the adults is a sea of Japanese kids.

It is Tuesday morning now, on the way to a meeting in Sangenjaya.. I have been at the office since the Saturday screening, got the new Pixar implementation working properly with my new code. Had to divert from using the Yamanote line this morning. What I could pick up was a rescue was being attempted in Harajuku, which usually means someone had been hit by a train there.
So I got to use the new Fukutoshin line which was packed with the rest of Tokyo which was diverted as well.