Siggraph 2008 and RenderSan #2

I know I haven't blogged for a month or so, which is unusual but I was incredibly busy. Back from LA I have been busy on a research project and a new film script. Anyway here is my Siggraph pics from last month in LA.
I started at the Pixar booth giving my blurb in Japanese on tuesday and English on Wednesday:

Getting ready:

then giving the JP speech:

The convention center where I gave it:

I also held the second Rendersan meet there:

A few fantastic guests showed like Tony Apodaca from Pixar, Ken Anjyo from OLM. Mr fantastic Joe Alter also gave a demo:

Later in the week Siggraph booked out part of the Dodger stadium for us - food booze etc..., where I caught a home run which was captured on the video screen!

I also gave a SRT at the Pixar group meet, I was totally tired & jet lagged by then. My talk was supposed to be on Prman for Python, it was later asked to be changed to a SRT, so far from being cool and zany, it was just a wacky tired guy giving a quick rundown of Prman for python! so it was more of a stupid rederguy laugh off but that was ok as the other speeches from the great SRT team blew everyone away!