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Nexus London Address change

Old address:
2nd Floor LPL
145-157 St. John Street
London EC1V 4PY
United Kingdom

New address:
49 Hallam Street
London W1W 6JP
United Kingdom

Passed out

So incredibly busy the last week, working on a stereoscopic project.
After checking the stereoscopy film, came back to the office.
On Wednesday (15th oct) I was supposed to give a speech at the Japanese release of Pixar's RenderMan 14. Unfortunately lack of sleep (6 days) meant I made no sense whatsoever, people were kind and Saito San's speech saved the day. Indyzone's Tanaka san was just too kind.

Two days later - on Friday I had one of my special guest dinners with Greg Ward organized by Kurachi San. Unfortunately, I could only attend 10 mins returning to my studio. Felt so awful letting everyone down - I invite people along and hardly attend myself!

Here is a pic taken by Greg, no I had no beer. I ate a little chicken wing and was off
After previewing the film, I passed out on the way back. I must have fell flat on my face because I broke my nose and my body was badly bruised.
Good news is I think I broke the Guinness book for no sleep.

Online in Disney Resorts MiraCosta

Stayed over Tokyo Disney Resorts MiraCosta Last night. I was pretty busy and I arrived on the last train.

Got there and found out that room service finished at 12!!
I was so hungry I was on the move all day and I hadn't eaten a thing.
Anyway I had beer and crisps from the service fridge, worked till 5.30am then slept just couple of hours - what a shame!

In the morning a gorgeous breakfast looking over Disney sea. Today was a public holiday (for normal people) so no plans to fight the crowds in there today.

今週リリースのPixar's RenderMan 14.0 のセミナー参加にはまだ余裕があり、私も参加しますので是非会いに来てください。

今週リリースのPixar's RenderMan Pro Server 14.0 のセミナー参加にはまだ余裕があり、私も参加しますので是非会いに来てください。
今週15日水曜日にPixar's RenderMan Pro Server 14.0 リリースセミナー開催。
有名アニメーションのテクノロジー(Pixar's RenderMan)に興味のある方は是非是非ご参加ください。座席にまだ余裕だあるとのことです。

This months guest: Mark Sagar

This month I was privileged to have the wonderful Mark Sagar over from Weta Digital. Took him around to CVL Laboratory at the University of Tokyo, NHK, and Casio Entertainment.

"painter robot" in the CVL lab

Later I had 38 people over for a dinner party on top of the NK building. The people all had a great time and enjoyed spectacular views over Shinjuku.