Passed out

So incredibly busy the last week, working on a stereoscopic project.
After checking the stereoscopy film, came back to the office.
On Wednesday (15th oct) I was supposed to give a speech at the Japanese release of Pixar's RenderMan 14. Unfortunately lack of sleep (6 days) meant I made no sense whatsoever, people were kind and Saito San's speech saved the day. Indyzone's Tanaka san was just too kind.

Two days later - on Friday I had one of my special guest dinners with Greg Ward organized by Kurachi San. Unfortunately, I could only attend 10 mins returning to my studio. Felt so awful letting everyone down - I invite people along and hardly attend myself!

Here is a pic taken by Greg, no I had no beer. I ate a little chicken wing and was off
After previewing the film, I passed out on the way back. I must have fell flat on my face because I broke my nose and my body was badly bruised.
Good news is I think I broke the Guinness book for no sleep.