Teru Yoshida in Japan

If you don't know who Yoshida san is you must have had your head up your server all year. Not only is he a wonderful down to earth kind of guy, but he is one of Japan's proudest exports to Hollywood.
Because I was in a rush this month I sent out invites late so we had our smallest turnout ever! - around 15. However being a small dinner meant everyone got to speak to him and were all inspired.
I normally don't talk too much about the places we went to but this place Chanto in Shibuya (ちゃんと渋谷 公園通り店) the service was substandard - the food was good and cheap, however we were supposed to have 2 hours all you can drink. After one and a half hours they said it was the last order because at the end of 2 hours we had to make room for others. We went out to a place nearby to continue our chat.
This party seemed special because Yoshida San had worked in Japan previously so he really did inspire my friends.