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Shabu shabu

You may have noticed I've been pretty busy and unable to blog much. While its the holidays I've decided to up a bit of my daily lifestyle.
Last night had some yummy shabushabu

tastes even better served with kimono

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Nixed sized ebi yeah!

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State of the nation

I was down in Nagoya eating at my favorite sushi shop and they had some Keiji available. Keiji is a special salmon that is immature and swims up river with the adults. This is a one in 10,000 occurrence and these fish are prized, not just because they are rare but because of their youthful oil content.
They are so prized that it's hard to get hold of it at ANY price outside of fancy Ginza sushi bars. The state of the economy meant my fab shop could get a hold of some. Boy was it fantastic!

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iPod otaku AGUA dinner

I attended 3Dec, which was ok. We had an even better time later at the AGUA dinner party nearby. Funny thing was we were all chatting about the great Houdini dinner the night before. After a few beers someone pulled out their iPhone and amazingly EVERYONE at my table simultaneously was iPhoning @ the same time. Just goes to show what kind of marketing strategy Apple are after. The super geeky developer crowd.

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Donut rush

It seems in Tokyo people seem to all like the same thing at the same time. These fads seem even worse at Xmas. Here's a shot while I was waiting for ages in front of a donut store that seems to be a favorite among Tokyo's citizens.

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Houdini Winter 2008 user meeting

Last night I attended the Tokyo Houdini user meeting at the Canadian embassy. It was great to see a lot of interest in Houdini again. About seventy attended, more than twenty were friends of mine -thanks for coming along. Lets get a seat of Houdini in each studio, that will get us TDs something good to play with.
We all went out to dinner later. Tanaka San , Leyla, and David were very kind and showed users the personal touch Indyzone and SideFX is famous for.
Totally off track, I found this funny warning sign in Omotesando train station. I suppose it's to warn shopaholics (both in Japanese and English??) of impending danger. Thats Japan for you!

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