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Monthly dinner party

As you know I usually organize a dinner party about once a month to introduce filmmakers and people in my business from around the world to one another. This time we had about 40 people over and 3 guest speakers showing BluRay films and giving a chat.

I must thank Indyzone's Tanaka san for these pics, I was too busy blabbing as you can see here:

All the staff from DAG were fantastic, I hope we can do this again sometime.

The Economy

I don't know about you but I am getting sick of hearing all these negative things about the economy. I am not saying I know more than the next fellow but being a business owner and a player of the stock market there is one thing I do know. Capitalism is based on confidence, lose that and you better start printing reams of cash because what we have won't be worth tiddly.
Belief in such a downturn may be a self fulfilling prophecy.
My only answer(hope) is work harder, better, cheaper and look at all the opportunities made by this shake up. I have prepared for the next 12 months so if you are my competitor and are still fumbling sorry but I'm gonna kick your ass. It's survival of the fittest mate and so I'm sorta happy for this culling.
Let's see who's laughing in 12 months.
I'm a positive guy, that's my strategy.What better do you have?
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Disney Land Hotel

Recently I have been on the look out for some interesting palettes. So I went snap happy at Disney Land.
Started off the day checking into the new Disney hotel.

It's right in front of Disney land and that's real handy Had breakfast in Disney land, a meat sauce Mickey waffle.

After shooting a LOT of photos then having dinner as usual at the Diamond Horseshoe with Pixar's Woody and Jessie.
Oh and here's a peak of the new Monsters inc ride that will open in a few months.

I made my way back to the hotel, the Peter Pan suite in the Peter Pan pajamas for some work.

Next day did some snapping in Disney sea.

Finished up by having lunch at Canna on the first floor of the hotel.

Too be honest the food at Mira Costa is better, but the interior is cool. Went back home early to beat the rush.

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I dare you to beat this!

The sign says "very popular" EEL GELATO!
Now you may know I am no wimp when it comes to weird foods. I've eaten my share of raw horse, octopus pizza, insect on a stick etcetera etcetera.... but EEL GELATO???? What more can I say? Please for the love of god tell me it's a joke.
Only in Japan. People often ask me why do I live in Japan?
The answer obviously is because it don't get weirder than this! It's like living in a Dr Seuss book here. Could you imagine the reaction in anywhere except Japan if someone asked "which flavor of ice cream sir"? I answered "make mine a cool eel please".
From now on when someone asks me why do I live in Japan I will just show them this photo and say like some twisted zen master "eel gelato my friend, EEL GELATO".
The end is nigh....

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