I dare you to beat this!

The sign says "very popular" EEL GELATO!
Now you may know I am no wimp when it comes to weird foods. I've eaten my share of raw horse, octopus pizza, insect on a stick etcetera etcetera.... but EEL GELATO???? What more can I say? Please for the love of god tell me it's a joke.
Only in Japan. People often ask me why do I live in Japan?
The answer obviously is because it don't get weirder than this! It's like living in a Dr Seuss book here. Could you imagine the reaction in anywhere except Japan if someone asked "which flavor of ice cream sir"? I answered "make mine a cool eel please".
From now on when someone asks me why do I live in Japan I will just show them this photo and say like some twisted zen master "eel gelato my friend, EEL GELATO".
The end is nigh....

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