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Fundraiser for Australian bushfire victims

Tuesday night @ Australian Chamber of Commerce fundraising dinner 100+people. Tokyo Midtown. Event to raise funds for those affected by the terrible bushfires in Australia.





a bit girlie!

I'm feeling a bit girlie! - just found out one of those 3 panel mirror girlie dressers for makeup is just the thing whilst animating faces. You see one of my main tools when animating faces is a mirror. You pose some wild faces in a mirror and copy it frame by frame. Anyway I just found out those girlie dressers you can see 3 views of your face at the same time!



1. 設定を開きます。

2. 一般を選択します。

3. キーボードを選択します。

4. 各国のキーボードを選択します。

5. 中国語までスクロールダウンします。

6. 私自身は繁体字を選択していますが、簡体字でも大丈夫だと思います。

7. 手書きをチェック(オン)にします。

8. ノートパッドを開いて下部に日本語キーボードを確認します。

9. 通常英語インプットのキーボードのグローブ(地球)をクリックします。

10. 手書き入力のためにグローブを再度クリックしてください。

11. 感じを手書きで入力してみてください。

12. スクリーン右側から選択してください。


iPhone kanji input tip

Here is a cool tip a lot of my Japanese friends didn't know existed so it might be of help to you as well. Anyway the problem is when you have the default Japanese as an input system on the iPhone you can only input kanji via the keyboard. This can be a problem for some characters you can write but don't know the phonetics for or like me just like drawing kanji. The answer is to add a Chinese handwriting input.
1. open the settings.

2. choose General

3. Choose keyboard

4. choose International Keyboard

5. Scroll down to Chinese

6. I always choose traditional, I am pretty sure simplified should have the same.

7. Turn handwriting on

8. Now open the notepad, here is the English keyboard at the bottom.

9. click the globe on the keyboard for your normal Japanese input.

10. Now click the globe again for handwriting.

11. Draw the kanji you need

12. Select the choice from the right of the screen.

Presto! You have a kanjipad for free!
Why did I figure this out? years building my own kanjipad on Linux