help with this years Siggraph Asia

I am looking for some help with this years Siggraph Asia which will be held in Yokohama this year.
I am on this years Siggraph Asia courses committee that means I will be asked to judge some courses soon.
So I am looking for at least 5 people willing to volunteer a little time to help me critique the courses.

What I require is:
1. You are involved in the computer graphics or interactive techniques field, you can be studying, teaching or working.
2. Competent at reading English only, writing and conversation is not required as you can respond to me in Japanese.
3. Give up a few hours to read the courses and write a small paragraph on what you think.

Some of the courses are hard and some are basic so I will need people from different levels.

What you will gain is:
1. Be a part of Siggraph which is THE biggest event in our industry
2. read a bunch of courses and see what ones make it and what do not. This is great if you want to eventually write a course for Siggraph in the future.
3. A written letter of recommendation from me on your abilities to judge.
4. My everlasting gratitude.

You can do this from your home or you can come around to my office.
I am also volunteering my time so I do understand the sacrifice it takes.