After 3 meetings and 2 events on Friday by night I just wanted to sleep. My friends brother who is a popular photographer here Benjamin Parks was having his photography displayed at the Naked Tokyo exhibit in Super Deluxe.
Well if you know me those 2 words Naked and Tokyo are just magnetic so I just had to attend. Tokyo is the ultimate in stress and naked is the release, what a wonderful combo. Of course many artists contributed to this wonderfull event. One of the best collab spaces I have seen in ages. Funny thing is I found out I DONT like art in a club space. I want to mull over pieces, which is hard when people are partying. I'm a party guy but not when it comes to art.
Enough fun and naked Japanese bodies for a night, I just realized Tony mailed me the resources I need for tomorrows judging. Going back to the office for a printfest. Man just realized I didn't even get naked!