Smoothing Kurzweil's curve

Yesterday I was over at Silicon Graphics Japan. I was in a meeting about some of my future projects which include physics acceleration and what I have coined "assisted traditional rendering" using parallel computing and GPU computing like Cuda, OpenCL and my favorite cyberprophet Kurzweil came to mind.

For those not familiar Kurzweil he is our generations Edison, an avid thinker inventor and all round likable nut. I mean that in a nicest possible way. If you are not a bit of a nut your just doomed to think like the rest of the herd so Kurzweil is probably my favorite nut after Dr. Nakamatsu of course, who is considerably more nuttier.

Anyway back to the conversation, while talking about GPU and personal supercomputers I realized we were really talking about Kurzweil's "Law of Accelerating Returns". Just like the transistors of old, our current CPU technology is hitting that brick wall of too few electrons per cell. Very soon your new OS will have GPU computing at their cores, both Win7 and Snow Leopard have planned for it. I don't think Kurzweil's sixth paradigm is here just yet, but this manipulation of the physical limits of CPU computing by adding more and more cores with GPU super computing shows we are getting close to massively parallel computing. This will definitely make paving the way to the sixth paradigm massively parallel computing in three dimensions a smoother and easier transition. By smooth I mean a curve which keeps on increasing at an exponential rate (thanks Julien for the comment).

A side note: just before the meeting a funny thing happened while having an egg Benugo and a triple shot cappuccino at Benugo in Garden place Ebisu.

I had almost finished the muffin, 3 thieves came along and ate the last of my breakfast.

For some strange reason animals don't find find me imposing. I have had this happen so many times, its sort of funny but why? It's like tiny animals are going "yeah yeah its just Bernie guys lets nick his brekky!"


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    why smoothing? interesting to know that next OS will need a GPU; I would need one in my brain

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    Julian, well I should have been clearer. I don't mean flatten the curve. Because of physical limitations the current standard CPU cannot double as per Moore's law. But the doubling can go on by new technologies such as multi-core and GPU's. This expands computing power in a parallel way. If you look at this graph at the tip is multi-core CPU's making the curve a smooth line north east. Note the single core CPU's started flattening out a couple of years ago. A smooth curve pointing NE on this graph is what I meant by my "smooth" comment.

    Anyway GPU tech has been around for a long time mainly for graphics, this is about to change. All this is leading to massive parallel computing which conveniently is Kurzweil's sixth paradigm: three-dimensional computing.

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    Bernard, thanks for the reply;
    I now believe that I understand what you meant; What you meant is that we are reaching a physical limitation to keep on doubling every year the computational power of a single core; hence, we transit to multi-core, which is the parallelization of computation;
    but I would have thought that it is the molecular computation that will be the three-dimensional computing;
    but I could not find any good link;

    BTW, i did not know of Pr Nakamatsu..... 1 point ! for Japanese innovation

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    Yes, molecular or 3d is the goal. The current solution is only a bridge to the sixth paradigm.