Sunday rough morning

An intense weekend, I had another great party over Shirogumi's studio.

We were celebrating Mami's Birthday, and ended up at Gokigenya, a great live place nearby.
Later Tanaka San drove his red Lamborghini home:

I then made my way home by taxi with Shirogumi's staff. After a little nap I was a little worn out (trans: hungover) for Sunday morning's 9am meeting. After a couple of shots of espresso around eleven I started to gain a little clarity.
Some may be aware that I am a fan of Korean food and my office is near an area of Tokyo famous for Korean food. Well I was told about a great Korean Sundobu chain at Machida called (東京純豆腐 )Tokyo Sundubu. Sundubu(순두부) is a SPICY Korean tofu hotpot and it's really addictive. Whenever I am in California I look out for the BCD Tofu house or the many others dotted around Silicon valley.

Pretty awesome! I had the butter version which I couldn't get near Okubo or Korea. Later I took Lucky to the vet for his shots, here's a shot of him mucking around on the passenger floor of my car.

I was given some pills for him to take. So simple to dupe this ferret by cunningly inserting a pill into one in his favorite snacks a natural raisin. Popped that baby like a raver!