time tripper

Just realized it's the 17th which is normal for all you out there. I just gained a whole day because I thought it was the 18th. I thought I was running out of time for writing reviews for SIGGRAPH Asia due 23:59 UTC. That with late night 2am conferences with California(I have another in an hour), writing a draft for CEDEC, some mind bending research, running a company, and producing a short film. I was looking forward to the 18th deadline just to lighten my load. Anyway I think it's been confusing because everyone has been mailing me timelines in UTC GMT PDT GMT+2(Belarus) etc....

Thanks to good design I am on schedule. I actually designed my office (rename Tardis) on THX 1138 so I would work harder and without distractions like color, design, time, you know things like everyday life. It worked I was not distracted by time at all. It shows what sensory deprivation will do to you when in an all white office.

The good thing is yes it is Wednesday and I can calm down .... for at least an hour while I'm hooked up to California (PDT to you ;).
PS can anyone recommend a watch for a guy like me who works in about 4 timezones a day?