TokyoGAF #7 Beer hall bodacity

You may know that I hold a private party every month here in Tokyo to introduce the best of Japanese Game/Animation/and Film with those from Hollywood and elsewhere. It's a time for me to give to the community and rack up some karma points. This is episode #7, stardate May 20 2009 ;P
After RenderSan almost everyone had a good booze up over at the beer hall in the lovely "Ebisu Beer Station". 45 attended which was a little less than the 58 at RenderSan.
Our wonderful guests Pixar's Peter Moxom and Alex Brodie shared their bodacity with everyone. Considering it was around 4200 yen (we pay for our guests plus tax) for a great German style course and all you could drink everyone was happy. The quality of food and beer was superb and the people even better.

画像 066

More pictures here.
To be honest I have to organize these things so I couldn't party too hard, after all had gone home Alex, Hiramatsu, Shimamura, and myself had a right booze up over at the British Pub "What the Dickens". I probably talked a load of wobble but it was my hour for enjoyment.
PS. ( @HiraTomo )Tomo san yes nobody Poken'ed with us mate! I was all in for some unprotected Poken sharing, maybe next time we can convert these heathens!
Also all who attended please have a rave at the official site