Whats happeing to this country?

Just heard from J Tame his Korean Fiend got put in jail for a day for not carrying a passport or foreigners card.
The fellow was apparently was asking for directions whilst on holiday here, not something you would expect a spy or illegal alien to do.
This happens a lot when low level wankers are given too much power. I also heard they just passed a bill here a couple of days ago, an on the spot fine to us for 200000 yen with no card!!
Up till now they would warn or walk you back to your place to get the card - in 20 years I have had this done to me a couple of times.
Another thing they like to do is like to stop foreigners here and ask if you have any suspicious items on you.
When I get stopped - note I always have had a slightly nutter look about me. I usually like to use a bit of sarcasm saying "sorry officer I forgot to bring my stash today" smile and gladly offer to pull my pants down for a sack search.
The funny thing is if I were a spy, dealer or arms carrier I wouldn't be asking for directions, or the like.
Dealers and spies please note: in Japan wear a tie look serious and don't ask for directions - all will be fine then.
Just goes to show not only are these kind of officers wankers but dumb wankers also.