Yearly barbecue with Sumo

Once more the entire Sadogatake(佐渡ヶ嶽部屋) Sumo(相撲) team over the backyard. This year we tried to restrict to sumo / family / close clients only. Guest numbers more than halved this year so it was much more easy to handle (wish you guys were here to help this year Will & Andy).

Feeding and partying with a whole Sumo team and over and guests is hard work, here's a shot of me loading the crates.
Getting the drinks ready in my hand mader Satogatake gear. @uploada yes @HiraTomo yes we do this every year.
Here is me, the little guy partying with giants.
From front left to right rear: and Kotooshu(琴欧洲), Kotomitsuki(琴光喜), me, and the great Hidenoyama Oyakata

After everyone is fed literally a truckload of meat (Kagoshima kuroge wagyu) and crate loads of beer its time for my pics with these humongous guys. standing beside them will give you the scale of these giants.


Koto Mitsuki
More pics here
Thanks Chie, Takako, and Kako for taking my pics.
Really have thank Moana this year for helping oniichan Bernie with the drinks!
More pics on my private site.

some pics from previous years here and here.