CEDEC 2009

I highly reccommend if you have the time to make it over to Yokohama and attend CEDEC this week. You might also know I was going to give a presentation at CEDEC this year. The presentation I was going to give included animation and images from the Playstation 3 Game I was Lip Sync Supervisor for "Siren: Blood Curse".
Because the I was going to show images not seen by gamers, bloopers, and fix-ups I could not show my data without clearance from the copyright holder Sony Computer Entertainment. Eventually I did get clearance from the producer, however it was way to close to the conference deadline so I had to opt out. It was the fault of nobody but time himself so this year you will have to enjoy the conference without my ramblings :)I hope next year I can entertain you with some behind the scenes magic again!

Anyway if you do get to go along there are some real gems this year. My favorite is on the 3rd:

Houdini in a Games Pipeline
Side Effects Software社のエフェクトツール”Houdini”を使い
     - Pixar's RenderMan と V-Ray にみる向上するインタラクティブ性 -