hectic September

Sorry if any of you have been trying to mail or call me, Ive been stuck in the office 24/7 animating. September is always an incredibly busy month, thank god it's almost over. Luckily in the last 3 days I got to focus on some research documentation.
With the short films, helping others with their projects, R&D deadlines and organizing multiple events I have NO room for mistakes.
Unfortunately some people let me down on the stereoscopic demo I was working on. There was no option but to make up for lost time. Even with extra help I had to do some all nighters. I had to break the scary 8 day no sleep limit I try to set myself. 6 is tripppy but by the 8th paranoia sets in and it can get wierd.

(assistant Niimi checking parallax, pic is censored due to NDA.)
Looking at stereoscopic images over and over, it seemed after a while our eyes were seeing 3d sans the eyewear.

Notes on doing long stetches with no sleep, rules are:
No stimulants stronger than tea, concentration is paramount.
Smack the face during dificult hours 5-8am
Have an assistant that can translate jibberish
Don't close eyes more than 10 min stretches
The first day is always the hardest
After the 3rd day it seems easier as your body goes on a natural high, the only side effect is trippy dilated eyes
6th hallulinatory shapes seem to occasionally fill peripheral vision
8th paranoic "people in the room effects" - not nice at all.
If possible never try to go past the scary 8 day wall of no sleep