Fighting with vista

Spent the better part of the day fighting with Vista.
I knew to stay away from this malware, but my new assistant needed a win machine. I felt a bit sorry for him learning code, animation, new sw and all that in my mainly linux/osx office. I was told Win 7 would come as a free upgrade in a few days so I figured I might as well install the machine a few days before.
Sure as the Pope is Catholic the thing bluescreened on the second boot, with no xtra sw or hw mind you.
I have a few gripes with HP over this. Firstly threre was no option for XP downgrade Linux or blank OS I HAD to pay Msoft tax if I wanted this HW.
I also had to pay an extra hundred on top of that (upgrade to vista ultimate) because they woulnt sell me an English version. The multilingulal upgrade by the way is 1.5 gig ;0 and took 4 hours to install on my gigabit connection. You see unlike Mac or Linux Msoft makes you pay extra (smartypants tax) if you are multilingual. Its their policy to cater to the BLAND part of society. Only Ultimate+ comes with multilingual upgradeability.
Note the multilingual is half assed anyway , random tabs and configs still appear in Japanese.
I needed a machine quick smart so I ordered online with HP.
Machine arrived later than expected, they explained bc I ordered after 6pm (which Japanese companies finish at 6pm?)
All in all the OS sucked entirely as expected.