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This weeks Siggraph Asia events that cannot be missed.
Please turn up to these special events with me!
今週のSiggraph Asiaのイベントをお見逃しなく!

Intro to renderman

Do not miss Malcolm's Renderman course, his students fill the halls of DD, ILM etc Seats are limited! (I will be there as technical and language help.

Pixar Renderman UGM/Rendersan
RSVP here
Meet the Pixar Renderman team, or just laugh at me giving a bonkers speech.
Pixar Rendermanチームに会いましょう!そして緊張しているだろう私のスピーチ聞いてを笑ってくださいね。

After you go to the PixarUgm& party let's meet up later at Yokohammered!
Sidefx Houdini Ugm, 
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Sidefx parties in the USA are the best, let's see how cool this one will be!
Sidefx Houdini Ugm, アメリカでのSidefxパーティーは最高です。今回のパーティーはどうなのか覗いてみましょう!

올해 Siggraph Asia에 참가하시는 한국인 여러분들께 special message를 드립니다.

올해 Siggraph Asia에 참가하시는 한국인 여러분들께 special message를 드립니다.
다음 해의 Siggraph Asia는 서울에서 개최 됩니다.
저는 이번 Siggraph Asia in Yokohama 진행 위워회원이기에 다음 해 이벤트에 흥미가 있는 한국인을 모집 하고 있습니다.
또,다음 해 Siggraph Asia in Seoul 에서도 여번 Siggraph Asia in Yokohama 개최 후에 한 Tokyo GAF, RenderSan, the Pixar UGM와같은 파티를 할 예정입니다.
만약,이러한 파티나 이벤트(Siggraph Asia)에 초대 받고 싶은 분은 연락 해 주시면 감사하겠습니다.
편하게 "bernard at nexus"에 연락 해 주시고 만날 수 있으면 좋겠습니다.

Pixar in Town

We had Pixar's Dylan and Peter over my office on Friday, after some talks we went out to dinner.
They are over for Siggraph Asia and their UGM, if you are in this field you should have gotten mail from me ... say no more ;)
I have been under a little(yeah right!) stress lately so it was great to get out of the office.
Tanaka san was over too, he is a good friend I hope he can handle my stress level lately.
Photo's care of Dylan:


Karin(back left) my intern had to leave early so she couldn't meet the P-Boys. Nick(back right) had to leave for other arrangements. He has just finished working on Avatar over from Weta Digital. He is in the back right just helping with some (****) tools. Helping is an understatement, he has pretty much been left to his own devices and came up with things in astounding time.
Karin and Nick had to go

Later at the Shabu Shabu restaurant mmmmmm tasty!


よしさんはビジネス関係を、Davidさんはアメリカ人のHoudiniオペレーターです。NickさんはWeta Digitalから来たばかりで、かりんは週末だけですがスケッチアーティストとしてトレーニングをしています。
この業界でのお仕事に興味がある方は私bernard at nexusinternational.jpまでメールにてご連絡ください。

Looking for an new intern

During winter break this is a great chance if you are a Tokyo CG student or interested in CG consider coming over as an intern and see what we do.
We have a small but cool setup here in Shinjuku Tokyo, helping out on film and experimental projects for Computer Graphics.
Multilingual environment, bunch of young cool people:
I'm the boss, Niimi is my assistant Japanese animator/Renderman guy, Yoshi on Japanese business relations, David an American Houdini operator, Nick just over from Weta Digital, Karin is our weekend sketch artist in training.
Remotely we have on PR William in London, Marie, Hisako and Svetlana our translation staff and a bunch of other people freelancing as Matte and Animation artists.
If you are interested in working in this field email me at bernard at and I will try to hook you up.