Looking for an new intern

During winter break this is a great chance if you are a Tokyo CG student or interested in CG consider coming over as an intern and see what we do.
We have a small but cool setup here in Shinjuku Tokyo, helping out on film and experimental projects for Computer Graphics.
Multilingual environment, bunch of young cool people:
I'm the boss, Niimi is my assistant Japanese animator/Renderman guy, Yoshi on Japanese business relations, David an American Houdini operator, Nick just over from Weta Digital, Karin is our weekend sketch artist in training.
Remotely we have on PR William in London, Marie, Hisako and Svetlana our translation staff and a bunch of other people freelancing as Matte and Animation artists.
If you are interested in working in this field email me at bernard at nexusinternational.jp and I will try to hook you up.