Pixar in Town

We had Pixar's Dylan and Peter over my office on Friday, after some talks we went out to dinner.
They are over for Siggraph Asia and their UGM, if you are in this field you should have gotten mail from me ... say no more ;)
I have been under a little(yeah right!) stress lately so it was great to get out of the office.
Tanaka san was over too, he is a good friend I hope he can handle my stress level lately.
Photo's care of Dylan:


Karin(back left) my intern had to leave early so she couldn't meet the P-Boys. Nick(back right) had to leave for other arrangements. He has just finished working on Avatar over from Weta Digital. He is in the back right just helping with some (****) tools. Helping is an understatement, he has pretty much been left to his own devices and came up with things in astounding time.
Karin and Nick had to go

Later at the Shabu Shabu restaurant mmmmmm tasty!