my Mars exhibit ends

The interactive Mars exhibit I created that was shown for three months at Tokyo University finished this weekend. Viewers could fly over the Martian surface with stereoscopic glasses. If you look at the responses from the attendees the installation was a success.

The stereoscopic imagery was generated from 6 terabytes of NASA raw data. All except 1 scene was created without a single polygon. The scenes were possible by using Pixar's Brickmap geometric primitive, enabling all scene information to be captured and have automatic level of detail. Creating all the Martian Brickmap data was such a huge task that I created in-house Mars-geo software to do dedicated Mars-space Brickmaps. This software cut down Brickmap generation from 12 hours to 6 seconds.

Special thanks:
NHK Enterprise::Production
Prof. Hirdy Miyamoto::Mars genius
Niimi Atsumoto::Assistant
Kazuya Tsukamoto::Trainee