Thankyou everyone & why I am staying here?

Regarding the current situation in Japan.
Thank you so much to everyone who has commented and helped over the last few days for your support, trust me when I say your words have been a fountain of strength.
I have had a few comments from friends, family, even people who work for me why I don't go with all the other foreigners on a plane outta here.
    How would you feel if during an emergency your boss just jumped the next plane because he could? People are willing to work for me even under these conditions, what kind of man would I be to run? I would like to think my parents brought me up a better man than that.
    We were thirty percent into a production when the first big quake hit. You may have all thought I was tweeting panic regarding my life. Quite the contrary, I was worried we would not make deadline. When I sign a contract I really mean it, ask anyone who has worked for me. I expect total dedication to whatever we are working on.
I give that dedication, I expect the same in return.
As long as the people I care about are relatively safe, we can make some good films.
A friends grandad who died at 98 a few years ago, walked through Nagasaki day after it was bombed, smoked 2 packs and drank 1 sho(1.8 litres) of sake every day. I can handle a few rads. Sure I am pissed about the current predicament, but that just strengthens my resolve even more.
Please focus on the people who have lost loved ones. I'm still fine and I'm gonna stick by the people willing to put their neck out for me.
If there's limbs missing or a mushroom cloud I might get on a plane, otherwise the show must go on.
Stronger than ever (2 new contracts next month!)
your friend, boss, mate