Misty Temple

There is beauty in the transient nature of all things.
Many of us want to extend these good times with long holidays, never appreciating that the timing itself is part of the beauty.
Like when one is lucky enough to catch the sight of sakura petals whirling in a breeze before falling to their origin.
I had one of these moments today.
I was pretty busy this long weekend and only had a Monday afternoon to enjoy. Despite a pending typhoon I decided to race up to Yakuo-In temple perched atop nearby mount Takao.
Late afternoon by the time I arrived it had just started with a few intermittent showers but nothing to put me off. Everyone was heading back down the mountain, sweaty from their humid Japanese summer hike.
By the time I made it up the mountain the magic had begun. The heat and rain had brought in a magical mist which entwined the temples and myself just for that evening.
Life is like that.