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Sometimes it pays to do the right thing

I wrote the following blog on the plane to China, you all may have heard my trip went well however there were serious problems returning through Shanghai. The reason was pollution had reached record levels (see the following article) and would not let me return. So as you may understand this post has become ever so more relevant on this business trip.

Since toneplus has moved into our spanking new office in the last few months we have expanded with some of the most professional staff from all around the world. Also it meant we had to ramp up hardware more than double. Everyone knows I am fussy about design, even more so about ergonomics and staff well being.
We were (are) still unpacking and I am sure many wondered why the little Aussie boss was replacing every light circuit with led systems!
Fluorescent lights are not only bad for the skin, but also put stress on the teams eyes. Purely dark rooms too can be stressful to computer operators as the contrast is too great. A well lit, but ambient lit studio is the most stress free situation.
Such matters must be dealt with, a few of my weekends is definitely worth the sacrifice.
Anyway, again like our old studio we now have the entire place on led's. Rooms that are seldom occupied like the kitchen and bathrooms have sensors so forgetful does not mean wasteful. Every piece of computer hardware is chosen not only to be the best in its class but also the most efficient.
The result? Happy staff sure, but get this last months electric bill was USD$ 1000 less than the first month! 

Yes we have more than doubled electrical systems but are now saving. The moral is: invest in good and it does come back.