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toneplusを設立した時は、我々の契約は日本の制度が公認するものより多くの休暇日や給付が含まれた見事にシンプルなものでしたが、会社が成長するにつれて「なぜ toneplusは他の日本の会社と同様にやってくれないのか」等という文句は多くなってしまいましたので日本の制度通りにやってみましたが結局大失敗でした。

It's important to go back and look at company core values

I don't think people realize how convoluted the Japanese employment system is. Staying within the law is important but listening to employees is even more important.
When I first started toneplus we had brilliantly simple contracts that had better holiday and benefits than the Japanese system allows. As the company grew so grew the bad apples. "Why can't Toneplus be like other Japanese companies... blabla shutthefuckup gofindanotherstudio".
Well we tried that and it was a load of crap. The goal of toneplus contracts has always been equality between contract types. That way we can have foreign staff, mothers or any kinds of agreements. The important thing is not to have a division in the studio. Too often I see companies with "shain" -the elites and the contractors or temps -the slave force. I listen to my staff, so with a band of lawyers we are going back to simple beginnings that's better and simpler.