Why you shouldn’t buy a monkey, and seriously consider any pet

Today I saw a post of a marmoset for sale. I know a lot of you love to see Mr. Pickles but I want to let you in on his back story.

He had spent 5 years in a cage, after 3 owners who he bit to a bloody mess, he was considered not acceptable as a normal pet. I am sure the pet store was happy to resell him many times over until he was unsellable and just a pet store curiosity.
If you are considering a monkey as a pet, please consider this. A monkey is just like a naughty (very naughty) child and will require attention all day just like a child. If they are kept in a cage it will have lasting psychological effects on them, as if you did the same to a human. They need special toys to stimulate their advanced brain, are physically many times stronger for their size. If you have a male… well imagine a teenage boy but without moral constraint - hence the name Mr. Pickles.

I had to coerce the store to sell me this curiosity as I couldn’t stand going by the shop and watching him suffer. Previously I have cared for several primates so I knew the difficulty involved. He was marking the cage incessantly to protect himself and was obviously stressed. To rehabilitate Pickles took me many months and scars. Now he has complete freedom he is better. However, sometimes (just like people) he can get flashbacks. Each day of his freedom I look on as a gift that I am happy (and yet sad it was needed) to give. 

When I got him I found he had a broken tail -probably some child pulled it. I have spent a lot of hospital time making sure he is the fit and stable little fellow you see today. I didn't post any images of him until he was rehabilitated, but now I think you should all understand his now happy face hides a dark past.
Making sure his tail was mended and he was in perfect health I had him have a full medical
I have a professional exotic clinic that looks after my fellow critters.
Honestly, I don’t think this is just a monkey issue, one of my ferrets was given away to me as she also (previously) had biting and stress issues. I think people need to understand the emotional depth and time that some animals need before getting them. Maybe some people shouldn’t have any animals. 

I think all animals (probably children too) should require a license as many people don’t deserve them.