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Toneplus 19th year anniversary

Yesterday February the 22nd marked Toneplus’ 19th year anniversary, reincorporated nearly 5 years ago as a stock Corporation so I could invest close to third of a million US dollars in capital to reinvigorate it. I was so busy the anniversary nearly passed. Today, the Emperor's birthday, we switched on the first of many internet connections to our new studios. I knew that starting business here 19 years ago would be tough. Even today it’s hard even for a foreigner to get an apartment or credit card, let alone compete in a market the Japanese excel at. Japan is, after all, the land of animation. So as an Aussie to take on this industry here was a major uphill battle. We have been through many changes. From nearly going bankrupt a few times to having one of the largest studio’s in the world by animator headcount. There have been a lot of tears, mistakes and lost sleep. There have also been many days of joy and luck too. I have tried running the company in different ways and with help from different people, change is good. Never be afraid of change, and learn from those mistakes. The past year we literally rebuilt the company many times over to perfect our remote capabilities. After this long stretch I can finally see the dawn, it has been worth it. Our 20th anniversary will be spectacular.