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ここ数年はとてもハードな期間となりました。私は会社の方針を変え、リモートワークアニメーションサービス会社になるように取り組んできました。私たちは20周年に向けてこれを行う予定です。 東京ではここ数ヶ月は雪と寒さを感じる季節になっています。

2022年は私たちがさらに成長する年となります。私たちは前もって戦略を計画していたことをとてもうれしく思います。 今年は私の方針にジョインするか、どんどん時代から遅れて行くかのどちらかになるでしょう。

2021-2022 The new year

The last few years have been hard, I have been working on pivoting the company to become a remote work animation service company. We are on time to do this for our 20th year anniversary. The last few months in Tokyo have been snowy and cold.

So to clear the mind I went making some good plans from the southernmost island in Japan, Ishigaki. Famous for some crazy high powered sake that was one of the first places to create sake with southeast asia many years ago. As luck had it the night flying there it was declared a total lockdown giving us full control of the resort and surrounds.
Then later the next week my staff and I at a cabin at the base of Mt Fuji went to pray for good luck for this special year. Times might be hard but I have goaled that we need to look at better ways to work. We relaxed and did all meetings remotely that the company is now built on.
2022 will be our crescendo, I am so happy we have maneuvered and planned strategies ahead of time. Join me this year or fall behind.