TokyoVisTech Event #1

 #event : Thursday August 4 at 19:00 Ginza

A lot of you remember I used to host a lot of events under the banner TokyoGAF. I rented out boats, clubs, had movie celebs over. 
Here’s some memories :
Unfortunately the more recent ones have disappeared or I didn’t blog about.
It was fantastic and it changed the landscape of our industry here in Tokyo. It took a fair bit of my time (which always I am in short supply of) and some other people started similar events. 
So I let other people take the reins as a good pathfinder does.
Anyway, things have changed. The gamification of things and the merging of media is now a real thing. People are used to working alone or just not meeting one another. We are in a different world now.
I think I need to get the ball rolling again.
To test the waters I attended Mizoshiri's JAIT networking gig last week, I think people are hungry again for networking.
TokyoGAF becomes TokyoVisTech
So I will be restarting networking events, announcing:
TokyoVisTech Event #1
We will be having a networking event this coming Thursday August 4 at 19:00 in Ginza (near Shinbashi Station) 
The price of entry to us is free, but to be courteous to the venue please purchase drinks (soft or hard) and maybe a snack so they have us again. 
Drinks and food are reasonable - under 500 yen. Maybe consider coming to spend at least 3000-4000 yen.
To apply, email your request to
Include your name, business, and reason for applying.
Only one ticket per email is valid.
The venue is secret as the number of people we can accommodate is limited, we will give out on a first come first served basis.
If this goes well, I will consider ramping up to the levels I did for TokyoGAF.
TokyoVisTech is a networking community for people working in Visual Technologies fields.
For example Games, AR/VR, 3d printing, Film, Experimental Media, Scientific Visualization, Computer Vision including robotics etc.
Previously we were TokyoGAF (Game animation Film) but as this technology expands we want to cast a wider net.

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